Corporate Social Responsibility


The Comarch Capital Group has been intensely committed to social activities since its establishment. The CSR objectives are defined in Chapter 10 of “The Comarch Code of Ethics” on “Socially responsible business”. Comarch, since its inception, has been extensively involved in promoting sport among young people and the inhabitants of the province of Malopolska, by mainly sponsoring the sports club Cracovia. It also promotes an active lifestyle among its employees. For its actions in this area, the company was awarded by the local government the honorary title of "Friend of Sports A.D. 2015". Cracow City Council recognises Comarch’s high financial contribution to the development of physical culture through assistance to athletes or sports organisations, operating in the district of Krakow.

MKS Cracovia SSA

Comarch’s patronage of the club has been going on since 2001. Cracovia is the oldest continuously operating football club in Poland. More than a century of history makes it a legend in Polish football, and thanks to Comarch it has become a strong brand in Polish sport once again. According to the E & Y report, Cracovia has been one of the best-managed Polish clubs in recent years. This is supported by the high and diverse income, the strong liquidity situation and its appropriately balanced budget. Importantly, it maintains the reputation of a fully reliable, solvent employer, which in Polish football is not widespread. Comarch owns 66.11 percent of Municipal Sports Club Cracovia Sports Joint Stock Company’s shares, which ensures the stable situation of the club.

Popularization of IT technology

Comarch Internship program - every year about 330 computer science students’ complete three-month paid summer internships.

  • Substantive support for projects, workshops and scientific conferences.
  • Educational visits at the headquarters of Comarch.
  • Comarch Innovation Lab - a program that allows students to check knowledge in practice.


Active Comarch

The company also promotes cycling as an alternative means of transport to work. In each location Comarch employees have access to bicycle racks. At many locations, at the start of the cycling season, you can also take advantage of a free service for your two-wheelers. In turn, the autumn meeting called Cycling Breakfast, attended by the strongest-willed corporate cyclists, was an opportunity to look back on the cycling season, an incentive to undertake further physical activity and a promotion of the principles of safe driving.
Around the campus in Krakow, Comarch is developing cycling infrastructure. For several consecutive years, new parking spaces for bicycles have been put into use, as well as specifically designed covered bicycle stores. Employees  can use the showers and self-service repair stations provided for  their bikes to help them in good mechanical order.

Helping our four-legged friends

In 2018 the first occurrence of the World Day of Animals took place in Comarch, on the initiative of the employees. Eight branches of the company held collections of items to donate for the needs of shelters for homeless animals and charities caring for animals. They managed to help as many as nine shelters. Food, blankets, towels, leashes, bowls, toys ... these are just some of the things offered to the shelters and charities in Krakow, Gdansk, Gliwice, Katowice, Lublin, Lodz, Poznan, Sosnowiec and Warsaw.


For the young

Every year, on the occasion of Children's Day, Comarch employees organise collections of items for children's homes and other residential institutions. In 2018, the Children's Home in Lublin received support among others. For several years a very strong interest in helping the young has also been demonstrated by Cracovia, which is owned by Comarch. In 2018 the second event of the Striped School Layette action took place, which aims to help children from poor families in Krakow. Cracovia, on the occasion of the anniversary of the death of Pope John Paul II, has also prepared collections of food and cleaning products for family orphanages in Chrzanow and Dursztyn, which bear the name of their great supporter. The Teddy Bear Toss is a popular initiative in the world of hockey. Cracovia has already organised its third event. Thousands of teddy bears hit the surface of the rink after the first goal scored by the "Stripes" (the team’s nickname – Pasy in Polish) in the match against GKS Tychy.