Document management system

Document flow and business processes

Regardless of the type of business, all enterprises require effective document management - particularly for registration and internal flow. Document processing is inextricably linked to defined working procedures. Documents require verification, analysis and approval by many employees at different levels of the organizational structure. Our application serves to improve company workflow by modelling processes as well as work and task flow within an enterprise. 

Comarch DMS (Document Management System) is a tool that enables easy modelling of various types of document flow processes. Its advanced capabilities assist implementation and streamlining in the electronic flow of cost invoices, contracts, applications, employee requests, request fulfilment, and technical documentation

About Comarch DMS

DMS - Benefits and Features

  • Full support for company correspondence from any device:  desktop, website at the mobile application
  • Protection against data loss paper documents can be lost or destroyed - electronic document storage protects against this
  • Option to quickly add document scans to the system thanks to automatic import
  • Cost reduction by limiting the number of traditional paper documents
  • Tasks are completed faster because the employee responsible for a given stage is defined precisely
  • Controlling the time taken to implement tasks through access to time already spent on a document at any stage
  • Option to access the latest information on the status of a registered document
  • Option to work on documents from any location with Internet access
  • Alerts about documents awaiting decisions
  • Automation and shortening the time spent working with electronic documents
Electronic document flow can be fully integrated with the ERP system:

Comarch DMS works with Comarch ERP systems, including document linking and adding analytical descriptions. The available features can vary depending on the ERP system used. Feel free to contact us for detailed information.

Flexible modelling of processes and workflow at a company

Processes in Comarch DMS are modelled in an intuitive editor. After creating a list of stages, you can easily create a workflow diagram with a drag & drop method.  Permissions are defined at every stage of document flow. They can be narrowed down to a specific employee or to a group of employees holding the same position or working in one department. Once the process has been modelled, you can mirror the pattern of any document using ready-made objects from a flow card.

At the defined stage, it is possible to specify the conditions that must be met for a document to be forwarded to a specific stage.

For example, introducing information about an invoice value will cause the document to be submitted for approval by the president of a company only if it exceeds PLN 1 000, otherwise it will be submitted to the director.  The application of conditions in document processing is not solely limited to numerical values. It can be based on any element of the document. In addition, at each stage of a process, users can receive email notifications about the assignment of a new document, about overdue documents, or about an approaching deadline for a decision to be taken. Just click the link to make a decision related to a request, contract or invoice.

Access to key information about implemented documents

The document list gives employees access to the most important information on assigned processes. The individual columns of the list present information about the process to which the document belongs, the status of the document, the time remaining for implementation, and the deadline for automatic forwarding to the next stage. Documents whose time has expired are displayed at the top of the list. The option to use colors to highlight stages increases the legibility of the list, while advanced filtering further facilitates document searches, including those based on information contained in requests or invoices.

Integration with OCR software

The Comarch DMS system can cooperate with Comarch OCR, which recognizes text from image files (e.g. pdf and jpg) and converts it into specific business data, such as contractor's tax identification number, bank account number or VAT rate. Thanks to the use of OCR technology in the document flow, the time required to enter and complete an invoice is minimized, and the risk of incorrect entry of information is greatly reduced.

Users indicate the files from which data should be processed at the level of Comarch DMS. A list of results with information about the status of data recognition is then obtained. After recognizing the graphic file, the operator can transfer the obtained data into the document flow with one click, where it will follow the appropriate description and approval path. At any stage in the process, it is possible to generate documents for the ERP system based on documents in the flow. This feature is currently available for Comarch ERP XL and Comarch ERP Optima, and will soon be launched for Comarch ERP Altum. The open-concept of the Comarch DMS system makes it possible to prepare the procedures and files through which such data will be transferred to other ERP systems.

Comarch DMS also enables integration with any OCR system that saves the recognized data in a local database. Furthermore, it is possible to use several types of OCR software as part of one installation of Comarch DMS.

Option to work on a computer and on mobile devices

Comarch DMS makes it possible to work on four platforms. The operator can choose to work in a stationary or web-based application in two modes (computer or mobile) and in dedicated mobile versions available for both iOS and Android. This means that people who are out of the office can also assign documents and approve requests.

Analysis of implemented processes

A reporting module is available in the Comarch DMS system to present data on processed documents in the form of tables and charts. A report creator and ready-made statements are provided with the application. This makes it possible to quickly check the processing time of documents in a given acceptance path, or identify bottlenecks in process implementation.

Automation and robotization of processes

Comarch DMS features mechanisms that enable automation of certain processes and activities. To save time entering values into individual fields in documents, it is possible to set rules by which the system will enter the relevant values automatically. In our system, automation covers not only automated document filling, but also automated document processing throughout a defined flow. Process bottlenecks (due, for example, to employees taking a long time over a task) can be bypassed thanks to automatic document forwarding. The time saved can be used to implement other processes that are key to the company.

During automatic processing, Comarch DMS will verify the defined rules and process the document through the relevant stages, leaving the option of manual approval if necessary.

The obvious complement to issues related to the automation and robotization of processes is the use of Comarch OCR, which eliminates human participation in invoice entering. The system downloads invoice scans, processes the data contained in them, and hands over ready documents for further processing.

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