Asset Management

Streamline asset management processes and make sure that critical resources are used appropriately.

Empower your mobile workers with a mobile app that will help them register asset transfers and track their location. Simply put – help them get the job done faster. 
Asset manaagement mobile app screenshot

Benefits of Asset Management

Inventory data in the palm of your hand

Browse buildings, devices, and parameters – right from the mobile app on your smartphone, even when offline. If needed, apply changes to the main database right away when on-site. All this thanks to a dedicated module in our FSM mobile app.

Troubleshooting? Help your technicians identify problems using built-in augmented reality without any additional gear.

Asset Management Searching

Scan and go

Simplify the process and make it fun. Adding or transferring assets and registering them in a database is extremely quick thanks to QR code and barcode scanning embedded in the FSM mobile app (supported by augmented reality features).

Scan the code and select appropriate actions(adding, removing, installing, etc.). Get even more with GPS coordinates registered and related to a given action.

Asset Management Scanning

Parts and equipment back office actions

Browse all your inventory data and get notifications in real-time if needed (i.e. fraudulent activities). Schedule recurring maintenance actions for sites, devices or equipment and make sure these are always ready to be used!
Asset management inventory

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