Effective Planning and Scheduling

With numerous service requirements and many clients in different regions, field work management may be quite challenging, especially when your company encounters unexpected events such as work order volatility, cancelled appointments, employee unavailability or insufficient internal resources. In these situations, assigning tasks to appropriately qualified technicians becomes extremely difficult, and it requires much more effort to deliver outstanding customer service. With field service scheduling software, these challenges may be simplified thanks to process automation and optimization.

FSM effective planning and scheduling FSM

Field Service Scheduling: Features



Automated Dispatching 

Field service scheduling options enable you to fully optimize your mobile workers’ calendars in real time. Task assignment is simplified with the automated dispatching option, based on each technician’s skillset, workers’ availability, and their current location.

With field service scheduling software, incoming requests are assigned to qualified technicians near the customer location. With data collection in the Geographic Information System [GIS], field workers’ routes to clients’ destinations are optimized, so driving time and costs are minimized. 


Time Management

With and easy to read calendar you have access to field service workers’ schedules and work order details in one place. You see their daily, weekly or monthly schedule and all the assigned tasks. Technicians’ work time is registered, and details about task execution updated in real time. If any changes are necessary, you can re-plan the tasks with the drag and drop option in field service scheduling software and change the assigned technician.

fsm mobile field service tracking

Mobile Field Service Tracking

Task execution by field service staff should adhere to the plans. Real-time tracking helps you control each task’s status and react when needed. With field service scheduling software and GPS integration you are tracking where your remote workers are, when they are available, and what problems arise. When cancellations or delays occur, you can use the easy rescheduling option to manage the changes and maintain a high level of service quality.


50 Ways to Automate Field Service Delivery

Resource management, service request management, planning and scheduling, business management, work order execution, effective communication, and asset management. All of these processes can be fully automated.

Learn how, by downloading our free 23-page guide that defines 50 areas to be optimized in field service delivery, categorized by process.


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