Mobile Workforce Management Software

Managing a mobile workforce requires the smooth flow of information between dispatchers and technicians in the field. Field staff need to have access to the right information at the right time to manage tasks and satisfy customers. If a service visit is to be efficient, the field service professional needs important details about the task and the customer. The dispatcher is responsible for providing the information and controlling the service delivery process. To ensure high quality customer experience in the long term, there is also a need to keep repair history and documentation, enabling the resolution of future issues. You can achieve it, thanks to our mobile workforce management software.

mobile workforce management FSM

Benefits of Mobile Workforce Management Software



Mobile Workforce Management App

Comarch Field Service Management mobile app enables technicians to access work order data, no matter where they are. The app, available on Android and iOS, fully supports communication between members of the field service team. With offline synchronization capabilities, Comarch FSM mobile app facilitates gathering mobile signatures, adding technicians’ comments about tasks, and creating completion reports that may be sent to the customer automatically. 


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Mobile Workers and Dispatcher Cooperation

Efficient mobile workforce management is possible only when technicians and back office employees communicate effectively. Comarch FSM mobile app allows the immediate exchange of information, including work order details, customer repair history, and changes in the schedule. Within minutes, technicians know what should be fixed, where to go and what piece of equipment will be needed on site. Even if technicians need to handle more complex issues, Comarch FSM app lets them exchange information with the dispatcher, using the chat feature and photographs sent in real time. 


Mobile Workforce Management Software Equals Productivity

Together with great collaboration comes an increased number of tasks completed per day. The well-informed technician is able to manage tasks more efficiently. Field service professionals have access to task details and data about the previous visits. As a result, each repair is diagnosed faster and may be carried out more efficiently. Technicians are able to fix equipment during the first visit. This leads to reduced total service costs, and the ability to assign more tasks to field service employees. All these field service app features facilitate your field service management and lead to higher satisfaction of your clients.

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