Software for Mobile Claims Adjustment

Once a material injury happens, mobile claims adjusters need to verify the circumstances of the events and prepare detailed reports. Whether it is a car accident, burglary, or apartment flooding, they need to react quickly and precisely. However, the more accidents that occur, and the more mobile adjusters are employed in an organization, the more complicated the effective management of claims assignments becomes.

To streamline some processes, your team may use the software for mobile claims adjustment.
Software for Mobile Claims Adjustment

Benefits of Comarch Field Service Management software for mobile claims adjustment

Automated assignment of claims to the right mobile adjuster based on defined rules

More verified claims per day thanks to effective assignment of tasks

High quality of customer service thanks to fast response to clients’ problems, and effective communication

Improved reporting of mobile claims adjusters’ performance

Simple insurance audit arrangement

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Claims Adjustment Software - Comarch FSM

Comarch FSM for claims adjustment in use

  • „The inspection and claim adjustment in the field is an operationally critical element for us, and also generating high costs. After thorough changes in claim adjustment processes, it is time to use professional tools that allow optimal planning of inspections and support for adjusters in the field”.

    Rafał Stankiewicz
    Vice President, Warta S.A.

    Insurance Adjusting Software: Comarch FSM


    Effective claims assignment

    If the loss exceeds a certain amount, there is a need to send a mobile claims adjuster for inspection onsite. But assigning the right person is limited by numerous constraints: regions, skills required to manage a given type of case or property (for example, a car, a house or a yacht), or even the years of experience of a given employee. If you serve VIP clients, you cannot send just anyone to handle their claims. If we add to all of these the availability of employees, their other tasks and preferred work hours, ware faced with a complex equation to address before we even begin making a decision about who should be assigned.

    What if one algorithm would do all of this for you, and assign a mobile claims adjuster to each case automatically?

    With Comarch FSM software for mobile claims adjustment, you can rely on a system which automatically matches each new claim with the right person, and can reassign it when needed.

    mobile app for claims adjusters

    Mobile app for claims adjusters

    Once mobile adjusters have been assigned to a claim, they need to reach the location, prepare documentation and send it for a claim estimation. With Comarch FSM, they just use the mobile app with the client’s location on the map, check basic insurance policy data, add photos, and gather confirmation of specific details from the client. With this paper-free way of handling claims, all information is transferred directly to Comarch Insurance Claims or other claims management software, and all the data are correct and integrated. This speeds up claims processing, improving the client experience and raising the company’s performance.

    mobile app for claim adjuster

    Claims adjustment and mobile experience for clients

    You can also improve clients’ experience with on-demand access to an enhanced client portal available in Comarch Digital Insurance, allowing easy access to claims reporting, uploading documents and status checks by integrating it with the extra Comarch FSM feature for appointment rescheduling, visualization of the adjuster’s position and satisfaction surveys. When necessary, clients can reschedule visits on their own, choosing from available slots presented by the system, which will be automatically updated in the adjusters’ schedules.

    All functionalities can be exposed either by a customized web page or by a mobile application. Both can be delivered with FSM, or integrated with existing solutions through a dedicated API.
    customer portal for insurance client

    Claim auditing and real-time reporting

    By continuous monitoring of insurance claims handling you can always find room for improvement. Comarch FSM includes an extremely useful feature allowing you to arrange an audit relating to a given claim case or employee. You also have the possibility to send a survey to clients to verify the quality of the service they received. Additionally, all the data collected for the purposes of visit management may be used in the form of dashboards available in the Comarch FSM app and Comarch BI Point, or integrated with existing business intelligence software from a third-party. Measure adjusters’ daily, weekly or monthly performance in real time, assess compliance with service level agreements, and see how KPIs improve as manual work is cut thanks to Comarch FSM.


    Measuring claim adjuster performance

    Leaflet: Comarch FSM for Mobile Claims Adjustment


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