Why implement digital insurance software?

As a modern and competitive insurer, you are concerned about occurring rapid digitalization, increasing importance of online sales channels and the need to constantly adjust products offered. The solution to your problems and challenges is a state-of-the-art insurance system.

The Comarch Digital Insurance is the insurance software which allows you to make digital transformation a reality in your company.

Your employees, partners and clients will feel the difference in their experience, thanks to user-friendly interface. It will not only help increase their satisfaction, but also automate and optimize the sales process. The workflow and automatic task management will improve work organization and save time. The cutting-edge insurance software is also necessary to provide legal compliance in a constantly changing business environment. Imagine you can have all of it in just a few months thanks to configurable modules. Fast implementation is another upside of this digital insurance solution. And when you have it, you can also shape flexibly your offer thanks to parametrization.


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Comarch Digital Insurance – a powerful, omnichannel software for your business

Desire to accelerate digitalization and improve your sales force performance? Want to keep your insurance agents and clients satisfied and engaged? Comarch Digital Insurance is what your insurance company needs!

This insurance front-office solution ensures digitalization of sales and service processes with real omnichannel customer experience. Access to your distributor or client portal from various device, anywhere.

CDI provides integrated applications for different users based on one common business logic engine. Thanks to such architecture, agents can cooperate easily with their clients: sales processes started by the clients can be continued by the agents. Or: an offer prepared by the agents can be instantly accepted and acted upon by the clients. Both parties can exchange information and documents on the go as well. All features needed to provide comprehensive service via different channels are available in one insurance system. Everything what clients expect these days.

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Digital insurance software

This digital insurance software is modular, which ensures flexibility. The insurer can select particular elements of our insurance software fitting their needs. Comarch Digital Insurance can serve as:

  • CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) solution for quick premium calculation
  • Tool for distributors for better work and performance management
  • Direct, customer-focused insurance sales channel and Customer Portal
  • Group policy portal to manage insurance contracts end-to-end
  • Omnichannel solution to improve service quality
  • Modern facade for legacy systems

Why choose Comarch Digital Insurance?

Omnichannel client serviceSeamless transition between channels for consistent experience and satisfaction
All essential functions in one placeOne insurance front-office solution for all sales & service activities
Multi-device supportAccess on smartphone, tablet & desktop thanks to Responsive Web Design
Digital paperless processesWork digitalization & acceleration for smooth client service and efficient work
Various insurance business linesAll kind of insurance business lines and products handled effectively in one insurance software
Dedicated user experience designEnhanced ergonomics for client and agent engagement and loyalty
Technological excellenceModern technologies, open-source components, open architecture and a plugin-like approach for smooth implementation and optimal application performance
Short-time-to-marketSmart product definition & parametrization for constant business development

Comarch Digital Insurance users

All applications dedicated to sales force, clients and a business administrator are based on one common engine which provides business logic. The engine ensures a smooth workflow of tasks and activities, efficient management of insurance product definitions, as well as easy access to clients’ data and policies. The architecture allows users to cooperate and continue the sales or service processes started by one user type and finished by another.

Each group of users has their own set of modules and features optimized for their needs.

Distributors like agents, brokers, intermediaries or insurer’s employees all have access to the application with more advanced features.
End-clients who are using their application from time to time will be glad with a wide range of easy-to-use functions and the possibility to buy a policy online.
Business administrator can configure the parameters, business rules, premium calculation, rights, roles in organizational structure, and have the possibility to change or adjust your products in the software if needed.


Our success stories

Comarch Digital Insurance is an innovative insurance software employing modern technologies and ensuring top look and feel. It supports both sales force by facilitating their everyday work and insurance clients providing them with excellent customer experience and satisfaction. Check out our success stories or contact us directly to learn more.
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