What is the Comarch Insurance Claims software?

Intuitive interface and solution flexibility reducing time and costs of a claim handling process.

Comarch Insurance Claims is an innovative and comprehensive claims management software for life and non-life insurance companies. The system supports claim handling processes end-to-end: from registration and calculation through to decision making and benefit payment, accelerating the everyday work of claim adjusters. The system meets the most important requirements of companies operating on the rapidly growing insurance market.

Key business advantages

Increase of competitive advantageSmooth information flow, automated processes and reduced costs
Automation of business processesAutomated internal and external settlements, along with calculation of benefits
Reduction of operating expensesShortening the time needed for claim handling
Decreasing claim ratioValidation rules supporting effective decision making and limit control

Claim processing areas

Claim handlingSmooth information flow, automated processes and reduced costs
Additional functionsAdvanced claims management setup
Claim settlementSupport for claim service accounting and financial operations
Claim documentation & reportingHandling claims, concise reporting and claim documentation

Claim management

The Comarch Insurance Claims system covers the whole claim process – from registration through verification and decision-making, to the final payment. Specific claim stages and functions are:

  • first notice of loss (FNOL)
  • full claim registration
  • claim verification
  • medical evaluation
  • claim decision registration

Additional functions

More advanced functions allow for:

  • revision process for annuities
  • appeals & complaints
  • court cases
  • recourses
  • reimbursements

Claim settlements

All liabilities arising from claim handling should be paid seamlessly. The Comarch Insurance Claims system allows for:

  • benefit, claim cost, and technical provision settlements
  • two-step payment acceptance
  • annuities payments
  • integration with accounting system
  • integration with home-banking system

Claim documentation & reporting

The system handles automatic and manual (on-demand) document generation, and supports other functions connected with documents and reports:

  • registering incoming and outgoing documents
  • checklist management
  • generating and printing letters to customers:
    • referrals for medical examination
    • claim decisions
    • reminders
  • online documents
  • analytical and operating reports

Claims management system

Comarch Insurance Claims supports all areas of claims handling. One of the main goals of our claims management software is to automate the full claim process, reducing its time and costs. The system supports insurance companies in gaining a competitive edge thanks to quick benefit payments, professional customer service, and easy configurations of claim processes.

Features of the Comarch Insurance Claims system are:

  • comprehensive claim handling software supporting all types of life and non-life insurance products, all business lines, all communication channels
  • all kinds of claims and claim processes (simple/standard, long, with external adjuster etc.)
  • service-oriented architecture (SOA) of our claims management software facilitating integration with external systems
  • multilingualism and multicurrency in the claims management software
  • user-friendly graphical interface adjusted to the type of claims allowing efficient customer claim service and fast payment of benefits
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