Comarch Life Insurance software

Created with a great passion for IT and many years of experience, allows the insurer to optimize and grow all aspects of life insurance.

Comarch Life Insurance software handles all areas of individual and group life insurance. As part of the insurance software products and thanks to its modular structure and unique flexibility, the system can be tailored to an individual customer’s needs and requirements, including the individual life cycle of business processes and the specific nature of a particular insurance company. 

Key business advantages

Competition left far behindQuick adjustment to market changes with flexible and configurable tools
Process optimizationProcess-oriented solution ensuring a high level of automation and more efficient task management
Scalability to meet business and IT needsModular architecture, proven technology and the SOA approach delivered by a highly experienced team
Continuous development and growthNew perspectives and possibilities to expand the worldwide business

Life insurance software

Product definition

Owing to its flexibility and parametrization abilities, the product definition module allows for:

  • defining new insurance products from the scratch or with the use of existing definitions (whole product definition or one level of the product definition, e.g. a marketing package, insurance or cover scope)
  • modifying existing ones
  • automated transfer of definitions from the test environment to production one – product testing on real data supported:
    • versioning of product life-cycle definitions – every element has its own status tracking and time period parameters (from, to)
    • all historic data are stored in the system and cannot be modified or deleted as they may be used by the portfolio of existing policies

This approach significantly reduces the time needed to implement a new product in Comarch Life Insurance system by the insurer without the system provider support.

Fun management

Fund management

The Fund Management module is responsible for handling various fund type operations i.e. internal/external, open/closed, dedicated and structured. Most of the processes are automated e.g. generating orders and operations, handling corrections. The module's options are, among others:

  • individual investment account handling
  • definition and realization of individual investment orders and operations
  • handling corrections
  • fund valuation registry
  • management of aggregated orders
  • management of insurance company investment accounts

Individual & group policy management

Comarch Life Insurance handles all processes related to new business and policy administration of life insurance products manually or automatically: 

  • application registration
  • risk assessment 
  • offer presentation 
  • policy issuance 
  • after-sales service, i.e. modification of insurance conditions, fund unit redemption, handling life insurance claims
Life insurance accounting

Finance & accounting

The finance & accounting module is a possible extension of the Comarch Life Insurance system, supporting: 

  • subsidiary ledger for insurance business accounting – all insurance business events are categorized, including taxable/non-taxable ones, in order to generate the accounting postings to be transferred to the general ledger
  • reminders in case of premium unpayment or underpayment over a defined tolerance limit
  • incoming cash flow both for individual and group insurance:
    • receivables generation based on the written premium
    • premium payment management
    • premium collection
    • overpayment management
    • unknown payment management
    • tolerance handling (minor underpayment/overpayment)

Comarch Life Insurance solution

Comarch Life Insurance solution allows for an efficient management of all areas of insurance business, including defining products, offer presentation, underwriting, policy operations,processing of claims, fund management, settlements, reserve calculation and reporting. The life insurance software, offered by Comarch, supports both life & pensions business line as well as local, cross-border and pan-European products for mobile and expatriate employees.

Comarch Life Insurance is perceived as a platform which can handle any type of protection insurance products with possible extension to health insurance. In terms of pension insurance, our solution supports both defined benefit and defined contribution products. Additionally, different type of investment vehicles can be supported: traditional, unit-linked, or dedicated ones. All these products can be handled under one group insurance contract.


  • support for both individual and group life business
  • product development including the actuarial calculation engine, the rate table and the update management tool
  • extended scope of stored data and interfaces
  • full policy life cycle support – quotation and application management, policy issuance, ongoing contracts administration and endorsements
  • possible extension for collection and disbursement support, as well as technical sub-ledger accounting
  • comprehensive and ergonomic policy and contract data overview with versioning
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Integrate your software with Comarch Digital Insurance, an omnichannel front-office solution.

It consists of three applications based on one common business logic engine. These are dedicated to distributors, business administrators and end customers.

Take your policy lifecycle to the digital world:

  • Needs analysis
  • Quotations
  • Proposals
  • Underwriting
  • Policy changes (indexation, beneficiaries, portfolio changes)
  • Registering claims

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Comarch Digital Insurance


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