Comarch medNote

The medNote application provides the doctor with medical information, and minimizes the time spent on paperwork. medNote means more satisfied patients and a greater sense of fulfilment for doctors.

System advantages

Pharmindex medication catalog

Detailed and conveniently arranged information on medications and the interactions between them. Information is updated every week

Data security

Data recorded in the Comarch cloud with extra copies made daily. The account is protected during log-in by an extra SMS code

Ease of use

Clear interface, streamlined documentation, easy searching and built-in system of hints. Key information always at your fingertips

Online access

Application available via a web browser from any place on earth. Does not require installation, updating or technical equipment




  • Easy writing out of prescriptions, referrals, and other medical documents 
  • Possibility of keeping medical documentation, including medical and personal data, tests, and record of visits
  • Patient registration is done directly by a doctor or person registering the patient
  • Access to medNote Scanner – an application that facilitates scanning and entering paper documents into the system via a smartphone.

Comarch medNote (DEMO)

Explore demo version of the solution

As intuitive as a piece of paper

Based on work with documents

medNote forms are modelled on paper versions of documents familiar from day to day work, and the system is more like a text editor than a typical medical application

Automatic record

Content added to documents is automatically recorded in the medNote cloud, ensuring it won’t be lost should the browser be accidentally closed. You can also interrupt your work at any moment and continue on another computer

Search engine build into documents

You don’t need to open additional windows to use it. While filling in documents, the system searches for medical terminology and medication catalogs, offering suggestions. It is possible to find headwords using even parts of a word

A perfect system for physicians

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