What is Comarch IoT Platform?

Comarch IoT Platform is the Internet of Things solution based in a cloud. It enables easy, secure and scalable connection of physical objects – IoT devices and computer-based systems. This unique environment makes connected car and smart home concepts a reality, allowing data from billions of IoT devices to be gathered, stored, exchanged, and analyzed by Comarch IoT Platform.
This cloud platform is the solution for the digital market challenges. Comarch IoT Platform architecture combines a set of tools and components with expertise and know-how acquired over the years. This IoT platform solution works in the area of the smart home, home automation, healthcare or automotive, just to name a few.

IoT Platform Chosen Features

iot protocols

E2E communication and data security

Comarch IoT Platform uniforms data management, meets security requirements and integrates IoT devices. It is compatible with various standards & protocols.

open API

Scalability and flexibility through open APIs

Comarch IoT Platform is a flexible and scalable IoT cloud solution, that allows customizing the application easily. System owner can expose the APIs for users to create value-added services


Simplicity of “If-Then” approach

Focusing on IoT approaches is used to simplify management of Comarch IoT Platform. This kind of approach allows a user to adapt the IoT solution to his needs.

development kit

Interoperable SW&HW development kit

Comarch IoT Platform enables easy, secure and scalable connection of physical objects – IoT devices and computer-based systems.

Example Uses of IoT Platform

How does it work?

Comarch IoT Platform is the IoT solution based in the cloud. It allows for process definition, device management, remote control, real-time decisions, and data gathering. It stores and analyzes a vast amount of data to support strategic decisions. For example, Comarch IoT Platform receives data from Comarch IoT Hub related to events used for predictive maintenance. The data can also be utilized to issue tickets to the technical staff using mobile Field Service Management (FSM) apps. Additionally, collected device logs allow for data visualization as well as SLA monitoring.

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