What is Comarch Smart Lighting Solution?

Illumination systems are an essential part of urban infrastructure. They contribute to the sense of security in public areas and highlight the architectural beauty of cities around the world. Today we can go one step further by embracing a combination of modern IoT solutions and illumination systems. This combination creates smart city technology and  is used as innovative smart street lighting system.

Comarch Smart Lighting Solution provides the ecosystem that facilitates fast implementation of fully flexible and scalable smart IoT lighting solution for cities as well as municipal and enterprise buildings. It can be easily integrated with existing infrastructure or extended by 3rd party systems and it always remains a platform for further extensions.

How does Comarch Smart Lighting work?

  • Add smart lamps to the Comarch IoT Platform
  • Group smart lamps by your needs
  • Create custom daily action rules
  • Manage smart lamps via web or mobile app

Comarch Smart Lighting Chosen Features

lighting protocols

Lighting protocols & communication standards

Comarch Smart Lighting Solution supports open interfaces for 3rd party systems and standardized communication protocols to integrate with additional sensors & actuators


Remote maintenance and management of smart lights

Comarch Smart Lighting Solution allows secure and reliable short distance communication, distributed control and remote smartlights management


Secure and flexible in configuration

Comarch Smart Lighting Solution can be easily integrated with existing infrastructure or extended by 3rd party systems and it always remain a platform for further extensions


Over-The-Air (OTA) maintenance

Comarch Smart Lighting Solution allows to maintenance smart lights without being physically connected to the device

Example Uses of Comarch Smart Lighting

Innovative and sustainable IoT lighting solutions for the connected world are no longer only about technology but rather enhancing the quality of life while saving resources and protecting the environment we live in. We can embrace a combination of modern IoT solutions and lighting  systems. Apart from driving the costs down even more, street lamps serving as nodes in a larger, multifunctional network of smart cities, can enable demand-driven lighting.

Smart office

Create individualized lighting for every worker

Smart building

Reduce the energy use

Smart city

Increase efficiency of the city lighting system

Smart home

Control smart lighting remotely

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