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What Is Comarch Digital Billing & Revenue Management Product?

Doing business globally in the digital era means getting to grips with all manner of challenges. Quite apart from the fact that different customers in various parts of the world operate in their own time zones, there is also the question of multiple languages and currencies, and fluctuating exchange rates that impact customer charges. In order to deliver their services globally, providers sign agreements with partners all over the world. From the customer perspective, it is important and convenient to have only one agreement with their provider resulting in a single invoice, no matter where the access or service is established.

In line with these expectations, Comarch Digital Billing & Revenue Management system delivers multi-currency and multi-taxation handling as well as generation of financial documents not only for customers, but also for partners involved in the entire process of service delivery. Additionally, enterprise customers’ challenges are addressed by flexible rating rules that operate on configurations managed in Comarch Product Catalog. With a powerful billing engine, all charges are calculated and documents are issued in required currencies for all involved customers, partners and service providers.

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Benefits of Comarch Digital Billing & Revenue Management Product:

Full flexibility in price and cost management

Even the most complex offers and wholesale agreements can be precisely modeled with ease.

Ready for a global expansion

Multi-currency, multi-taxation, multi-language support.

One platform for all players in the ecosystem

CSP, its partners and customers all use the same tool.

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