Voucher & Top-up Management

Voucher & Top-up Management: a System for Managing the Pre-paid Top-up Process in Telco

Comarch Voucher & Top-up Management supports mobile and IP operators with voucher management and recharging user accounts. The system can be integrated with your existing network infrastructure, such as media gateways, or delivered with a dedicated IVR module.

Comarch Voucher & Top-up Management can be easily integrated with other BSS/OSS tools by using an open web service API for internal integration or by requesting an integration service from Comarch, depending on your needs. The system contains an integrated payment gateway, which facilitates easy and swift service launches and supports multiple payment methods, including bank transfers and credit card payments.

Press Release: Comprehensive BSS Stack for Mobile, Fixed and Network Services:

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The solution covers Orange mobile prepaid and postpaid services (voice and data), the “Orange Love” offer (internet, TV, VoIP, and mobile) as well as cloud and third party services in Luxembourg. These will be offered, charged, billed and managed using an array of Comarch BSS modules...

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How to Transform Your BSS to Become a “Service Provider of Everything"

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Benefits of implementing a system for managing the pre-paid top-up process in telecommunications - Comarch Voucher & Top-up Management:

Easy voucher generation

Generating vouchers/PINs, preparing and sending vouchers for printing,
on-demand voucher generation.

Importing & exporting vouchers

Possibility of importing vouchers / PINs from an external system, exporting vouchers /PINs to external systems.

Voucher & PIN lifecycle management

Managing entire lifecycle of your scratch cards, PIN codes and vouchers
(e.g. validity dates).

Predefined, flexible reports

A predefined set of reports and flexible report definition together with an open web service API for fast and easy integration.

Online self-management for customers

Full web management and Self Care application for end users which can be easily integrated with your existing portals.

White labeling & reseller support

Support for multiple virtual operators / service providers, settlements between partners.

Data security

Multiple data encoding methods.

Integrated payment gateway

Support for multiple recharging methods, not only vouchers but also credit cards, bank transfers and more.

Integration with IVR /billing/ IN platform

It is possible to easily integrate the system with an IVR tool for managing the recharging process, as well as with an external billing / charging system or IN platform for replenishing user balances.

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