Network Auto-discovery & Reconciliation

Network Auto-discovery & Reconciliation: A Comprehensive and Up-to-date Insight into the Telecom Network

Comarch Network Auto-discovery & Reconciliation provides a complete, comprehensive and up-to-date insight into the multi-vendor, multi-domain network, enabling effective network management.

The system supports reconciliation of all areas of telecommunication network including RAN, transport, core, access and IT domains for both physical and visualized network functions. Thanks to the integration with Real-time Inventory Management, it provides one, complete and integrated up-to-date live view of the network state.

Press Release: Comarch OSS Implementation in LG U+:

Press Release, network auto discovery


The key driver in the process was the preparation for a massive deployment of the Korean communication service provider’s 5G network. The main goals of LG U+ were to optimize internal company processes and improve the overall end-user experience...

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The Successful Rollout of 5G Base Stations with Comarch OSS

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Benefits of implementing a system for resolving network and OSS data conflicts - Comarch Network Auto-discovery & Reconciliation:

Stay up-to-date with a complete network view

Comarch Network Auto-discovery & Reconciliation product provides an accurate, multi-layered live view of operator’s network. It’s a mandatory backbone of any effective processes of resource planning, service or resource orchestration and automated assurance.

Receive data in vendor neutral modelling

Network Auto-discovery & Reconciliation provides data in unified, vendor neutral, human friendly modelling of network configuration and topology stored in Real-time Network Inventory.

Get ready for rapid deployment

Large set of out-of-the box reconciliation product integrations to popular Northbound Interfaces of network systems allows rapid insight into operator’s network. If a new creation is needed, our experienced team and standardized process guarantees a quick integration.

Use it with open standards or vendor specific modelling

Network Auto-discovery & Reconciliation apart of output in vendor neutral modelling can collect and provide to any other OSS module data in native network modelling. For instance, for modern network functions open standards like OpenConfig or ONF T-API and, for older ones – vendor specific modelling.

On the Road to Zero-touch End to end Network Design and Optimization

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Functionalities of Comarch Network Auto-discovery & Reconciliation:

  • Real time reconciliation

In domains utilizing NFV or SDN concepts with huge network dynamism, the traditional approach of large, bulk network discovery might not be sufficient. That is why our reconciliation interfaces can be triggered by the network itself – notifying about altered configurations. Thanks to reconciliation that’s limited and directed to changed objects, we’re able to keep Real-time Network Inventory up-to-date at all times. Although, a more traditional approach may not support network systems, it is still possible whenever needed. 

  • Discrepancy handling

One of many business benefits of Network Auto-discovery & Reconciliation is the detection of differences in configuration or topologies between operator’s network and its image in Real-time Network Inventory. The product allows defining rules on how the system should handle typical or secondary discrepancies, giving the end user a possibility to focus on those abnormal or more crucial cases.

  • Tight control of network parametrization

Importation of network configuration in original vendor’s modelling as a first phase of reconciliation, provides a possibility to define a set of specific rules which guarantee parametrization of the network as desired. Network Parameter Audit, an optional functionality of Network Auto-discovery & Reconciliation, checks configuration settings of the network against these, providing feedback to user or other OSS modules.

Integration with Other OSS Modules

The product is pre-integrated with Real-time Network Inventory Management and Network Configuration Management feeding it with valuable network data. Moreover, it provides open APIs capable to provide data in network native modelling as well as vendor neutral one to 3rd party customer systems.

configuration management

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