Injecting OSS/BSS with Big Data Yields Big Dividends for Operators Through Customer Loyalty


As operators try to stem the falling tide of user ARPU, to shore up what is a crucial key performance indicator (KPI) for them, they do have one major advantage: the “gold mine” of customer data—big data—which, if well-mined, can lead them to a more profitable tomorrow. In fact, one of the main things keeping operators competitive in today’s communications game is that they have a far closer relationship with, and far better knowledge of, their subscribers than Google, Facebook, Twitter, and the other web and social networking behemoths. Using big data to develop customer profiles can help operators automate and personalize their offerings to maximize revenue. Download our white paper and find out how to utilize Big Data in your OSS/BSS.

This research was commissioned by Comarch from Frost & Sullivan.

By downloading and reading this white paper about injecting OSS/BSS with Big Data you will learn:

  • white paper, Big Data yields big dividendsHow CSPs can use Big Data to build customer profiles and maximize revenues
  • Why it is crucial to integrate the Loyalty Management System with the rest of a telecom operator’s IT best practices in Big Data and Loyalty Management – based on case studies of a global operator based in Europe and Canadian Rogers Communications
  • How social network analysis (SNA) can help CSPs enhance the effectiveness of their loyalty programs
  • What are the must-haves in a loyalty program for a telecom operator

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