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About Brussels Airlines

Brussels Airlines is the national airline of Belgium and is a member of the Lufthansa Group and Star Alliance, offering the widest choice of flights to 97 destinations from the capital of Europe. With a fleet of 50 aircrafts and a team of 3500 individuals, Brussels Airlines transported 7.7 million passengers and generated 1.2 billion EUR in revenue in 2015.


Within the strategic turnaround of Brussels Airlines, the carrier was looking to strengthen their loyalty proposition and complement Miles&More, their existing frequent flyer program with a new loyalty program focused on a different target group. Brussels Airlines expected an offer meeting the following criteria:

  • A system that is able to power the airline’s loyalty proposition for both frequent and nonfrequent flyers.
  • Revenue based point accrual – points for purchasing tickets and other onboard services, co-branded credit card usage and transactions from partners. 
  • Activity-based point expiration – points won’t expire as long as a member flies once every 12 months.
  • Automatic retro claims with promotion reprocessing in integration with the Brussels Airlines’ system.
  • No blackout dates – earned points are redeemable on any commercially available flight.
  • Family pooling proposition – to make the program more relevant for non-frequent travelers.
  • Redemption unlocking rules – members being eligible to start redeeming points under the fulfilment of a specific condition.
  • Redemption and accrual are made not only on the fare, but also on the transportation charges.

Implemented Product

Brussels Airlines has chosen Comarch Loyalty Management Travel Edition to power the launch of its second-tier
loyalty program. The following modules have been implemented:

  • Business Administration – core module, provides all the administrative functions needed for program and system configuration
    as well as operational maintenance. Dedicated to system administrators and business users.
  • Member Portal – a web portal dedicated to program members. The portal is based on the CMS framework that enables fast and
    easy customization, both in terms of the content and the look and feel.
  • Contact Center – designed to streamline CRM activities, to manage customer accounts and communications with program members. Dedicated to call/contact center agents. 
  • Data Hub – a tool responsible for streamlining the file exchange process. It allows users to quickly and easily integrate new
    partners, reducing time and costs of new integrations.
  • Comarch Smart Analytics – robust reporting and analytics product enabling to track end-to-end loyalty program performance.

Advantages of Implementation the Platform

  • Scalable and robust system architecture that enables further growth of the LOOP program. 
  • Advanced tools for managing program accrual rules.
  • End-to-end partner management capability to expand the program partners` network.
  • Engaging member portal providing attractive educational content about the program.
  • LOOP loyalty proposition has been embedded and integrated in to all e-commerce channels of Brussels Airlines.
  • Robust interfaces for integration with airline systems for the purpose of redemption, accrual, retro-claim validation and profile

Business Results

  • Brussels Airlines has launched the loyalty proposition complementing Miles&More within 9 months of the project kick-off.
  • Brussels Airlines added a new tool to build relationships with customers, for whom Miles&More was not the most relevant loyalty proposition. 
  • Brussels Airlines created a business proposition that helped maintaining a high competitive advantage against expanding low cost airlines at Brussels Airport.
  • Brussels Airlines’ new loyalty program rewards customers with an award flight faster. With LOOP, members get tangible value based on their spend.

More About The Implemented Product

Comarch Loyalty Management Travel Edition

With tailored solution dedicated to companies in the transport and tourism sector, particularly airlines, the platform helps build and manage different models of loyalty programs targeted on individual members as well as on B2B customers.

Remarks from Brussels Airlines

  • "Comarch presented the best solution from day one, not only in terms of their product but also thanks to their agile structure. Their professionals always look for the most efficient way to answer our needs. One year after the launch of LOOP, the results are way above expectations!"

    Gemma Muñoz
    Loyalty Manager, Brussels Airlines

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