Online training - for whom?

Remote training is an ideal solution for people who cannot participate in stationary training. It is also a great alternative for companies which, due to the considerable distance from the Training Center, have the opportunity to provide group training for entire teams or employee groups at their own company's premises, at the same time adjusting their duration to the participants' abilities.

The following is the offer of training events organised by the Training Centre. With our long-term experience, we can recognise all the needs of the client and offer the best form of training events. Continuous growth of our knowledge and searching for new methods of its transfer make our clients quickly acquire the skills which allow them to overcome all the barriers in the field of modern information technology. The Comarch Training Centre organises specialised training events and IT consultations at various levels of advancement, covering a broad area of IT knowledge.

Our objective is your satisfaction and delivery of the basic and advanced IT knowledge in the most comfortable form and time.

Become acquainted with our offer which includes:

  • Databases  (Oracle, MS SQL)
  • Programming (SQL, PL/SQL QT)
  • Office applications
  • Project management,
  • Operating systems  (Unix, Linux, Windows),
  • Authorised trainings Microsoft

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